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about me


I'm passionate about helping families, all families.


Whether this is your first baby or your sixth;

you're single, partnered, LGBTQIA+;

whether you just gave birth or adopted;

however you feed your baby;

whatever your goals --- I'm here for you.


Offering you my high spirited humor and enthusiasm to come up with practical solutions to whatever feeding challenges you are experiencing. I want to empower you to achieve your breast/chestfeeding goals.


I use an evidenced based approach for all ages and stages. From those profound early weeks with latch, weight, and supply concerns to nursing gymnastics and pumping issues, all the way to returning to work, extended breastfeeding, and child led weaning. My 10 years of experience runs the gamut. I have La Leche League roots, but have worked in a hospital based setting with a level III NICU, and then transitioned to private practice.  

I have two teenagers that are simply amazing.  Breastfed both of them for a looong time (they would die if they knew I said this), and had a lot of struggles.  But here I am, and I'm lovin' every second of it.

natalie worthington
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